October 2, 2023

Use of Artificial intelligence in Education


The world has gotten so busy and we are left to do many tasks with less time for ourselves, These things are what artificial intelligence products help us achieve. 

Imagine having your room and cupboard organized and cleaned up just as you want them, or your family being served a cup of coffee just how they want it without anyone lifting a finger to get it done.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is machines incorporated with human-like intelligence to perform tasks as
we do. This Intelligence is built under complex algorithms using mathematical functions. It is the
world’s largest experiment in technology. But have you wondered how useful it can be in the
educational sector? In this article, we shall learn more about the use of this artificial intelligence
in education timesofindia

What does artificial intelligence do?

  •  Generalized learning
  •  Reasoning
  • Problem-solving skills.

Generalized learning

Think of a robot that was built with artificial intelligence and dropped into
a field. Despite the variation in lightning landscape and dimensions of the field, the artificially
intelligent robot must perform as expected.

The ability to react appropriately to a new situation is called generalized learning.


The robot is at a crossroads, one that is paved and one that is rocky. The robot
must determine which part to take based on the situation. This portrays the robot’s reasoning

Problem-Solving Skills

After a stroll, the robot encounters a stream that it cannot swim
across. Using a plank provides an input, and the robot can now cross the stream. The robot
uses its given input and finds a solution, this is problem-solving.

Using artificial intelligence in education

It helps you rethink the whole educational system. However, there’s a significant misconception that
needs to be properly addressed. Artificial Intelligence is not meant to replace teachers nor is it a

threat to them. It is there to deliver better education to your children, making the experience
better for the children and their teachers.

China has already implemented gadgets in their schools such as
headbands which measure a student’s level of concentration in school. thereby, sending the information
directly to the teachers and the parents, classes have robots that analyze students’ health and
engagement level, students wear uniforms which chips that track their location and there are
surveillance cameras that monitor how often students check their phones or yawn during

Ways to use artificial intelligence in education

1. Enrollment processes in school.
2. Personalized Education
3. Proctoring.
4. Adaptive learning and interaction.

 Enrollment processes in schools

The pandemic is an undeniable factor that has made student enrollment one of the key issues.
Some students have reported that they don’t enroll due to the emotional impact, while others
say that they can’t afford it. The Implementation of artificial intelligence in the enrollment
process will help reduce the expenses of universities and steers the number of students rising in
the university

Personalized education

As we probably know from experience, just because you’re in the same classroom as
another individual doesn’t mean that you will learn the same way they would. So, Every student’s
optimal learning style is at least different from the other. Generally, the goal of artificial
intelligence is to find where a student is struggling and provides them with an alternative course
that fulfills the same requirements or offers them alternative learning strategies that might help
them pick up the material faster.

Adaptive learning and interaction

We assume that artificial intelligence in schools can track the progress of students and adjust
their course or inform the teachers of materials a student has difficulty comprehending. Also,
there are AI applications that help people interact with each other. Online interactions and online
communities help build that community that is so central while students are learning.

Conclusion -Artificial Intelligence is being integrated into the educational system.
Therefore, new technology allows teachers to delegate tasks and focus on providing more
quality education.
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