April 20, 2024

Israeli army don yan say di war for Gaza go continue all through 2024.


Israel don warn say dem go continue the war against Hamas throughout 2024 as dem dey launch non-stop attacks wey don kill two dozen people for Gaza. Meanwhile, Palestinian militant group Hamas respond by firing rockets at midnight.

Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari talk for New Year message say some of di 300,000 army reservists go get small break from di war to prepare for di “prolonged fighting” wey dey ahead.

Hagari talk say di army need to plan well for additional tasks and warfare throughout di whole year as di conflict wey start from October 7, based on attacks by Hamas, still dey go on.

Heavy artillery fire still land for Gaza, wey dey under Hamas control, and e don kill at least 24 people, health ministry officials for Gaza talk, with attacks happen for different parts of di area.

For di besieged Gaza Strip wey di UN talk say 85 percent of di people don run comot from their homes.Also, one 20-year-old guy, Hamdan Abu Arab, talk say e dey hope say “2024 go better.”


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Hamas use di start of di year fire rockets at Israel, talk say e na “response to di massacres of civilians.”

AFP journalists wey dey Tel Aviv talk say dem see missile defence systems intercept rockets for sky as some people run hide and others continue di party with shrug.

One person wey im name na Gabriel Zemelman, wey be 26 years old, talk say, “My heart dey beat fast. E dey terrifying. You just see di life wey we dey live, e dey crazy.”

Di bloodiest Gaza war start when Hamas attack Israel on October 7, wey lead to di death of around 1,140 people, most of dem be civilians, according to AFP count wey dem base on official figures.

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