June 25, 2024

Internet gbege fit last for three weeks – Service provider


MainOne, wey be one of di companies wey dey supply internet through undersea cables, don talk say e go fit take between two to three weeks to repair di damage wey happen for their cable. Also, dem talk say some seismic activity for di seabed cause di break wey happen for di cable. In addition. dem bin tok say dem get one agreement with Atlantic Cable Maintenance and Repair Agreement (ACMA) to do repairs for di submarine cable.

Dem explain say dem go need to send one ship to di location of di damage to carry out di repair work. Dem go bring back di necessary parts for di repair and skilled technicians go dey on ground to do di splicing and inspection of di cable joints. After all dis, dem go return di cable back to di seabed.


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However, dem yan say dis process fit take about one to two weeks for di repairs and another two to three weeks for di ship to pick up di necessary parts from Europe and sail back to West Africa. Dem talk say di damage fit happen as result of seismic activity for di seabed, but dem go gather more information during di repair process.

Dem also explain say di damage no likely happen as result of sabotage and dem dey work with ACMA to carry out di repairs. Overall, dem dey expect say di repair fit take between two to three weeks to complete.

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