June 19, 2024



Supreme Court don confirm say Dapo Abiodun, wey be governor for Ogun State, im election dey stand gidigba. The people wey carry the matter reach court, Ladi Adebutu and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), beg Supreme Court make dem force Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) do another election for 99 polling units wey dem talk say dem cancel election.

Appeal Court for Lagos Division bin yan on November 24, 2023, say Abiodun re-election dey okay, but e bin dey like dem bin dey shake.


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Justice Joseph Ikyegh, wey be the majority judge, talk say e no gree with PDP and dem governorship candidate appeal. E talk say the appeal no follow at all.

Na Justice Tijani Abubakar read the main judgement, and e talk say dem don kick the appeal enta gutter. Say the appeal no hold water at all.

So, as e be, e mean say Dapo Abiodun go still siddon for im governor seat, based on wetin Supreme Court talk. Na so di matter go be.

In fact, Justice Abubakar make am clear say, e be like say the people wey carry the matter come court no get leg to waka. Dem talk say the appeal na “katakata without any meaning.” So, na so e end be.

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