June 17, 2024

Nigeria dey waka enta one-party state, Middle Belt group dey blow alarm


Coalition of Middle Belt Groups (CMBG) don yan say Nigeria dey waka go one-party state under President Bola Tinubu. Di group talk say as opposition party members dey lose dia seats, e be like say “closet fascists dey aim to turn Nigeria to one-party dictatorship.” CMBG yan dis one afta some court judgments sack some lawmakers from di Peoples Democratic Party for Plateau State from di national assembly.


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Ben Omale, di person wey convene di group, yan say e dey waka for anti-democratic forces to spoil Plateau State and even Nigeria. E yan dis tori for Abuja on Thursday, talk say e dey vex for commendations wey some people, especially from All Progressives Congress (APC) for Plateau State, dey give di court rulings as democracy for action. Part of di yan na say, “Wetin fit make Nigerians and di world dey fear, gentlemen of di press, be say dem wan do dis playbook for oda states wey no dey APC, so dat dem go control all di states for Nigeria for di next eighteen months. For dis one, Middle Belt dey in danger pass because we go suffer for any security wahala wey go happen from dis criminal experiment wey dem dey do wit Nigeria democracy.”

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