June 17, 2024

Kenya Flood: Minister talk say di death toll don rise reach at least 120.


The wahala wey dey come from weeks of flooding for Kenya don make we hear say e don claim the lives of at least 120 people, according to the Interior Minister, Raymond Omollo, wey yan am on Tuesday.

E talk say people from almost 90,000 house wey rain carry dem waka comot for dem place, dem dey manage stay for 120 makeshift camps, wey dem put together. Omollo no yan how many people wey the wahala don touch.

The flooding na because of the heavy rain wey dey fall as El Niño don show for the weather.

Because of the wahala, the government talk say dem go develop beta warning system.


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Before before, the country dey suffer because of dryness but e go be like say rain sabi fall yakata sef.

Even for Somalia wey dey near Kenya, heavy rain don dey fall too.

According to United Nations tori, many people don die and many waka comot for their village so dem no go fall yakata inside the flood wahala. (Na dpa/NAN bring this tori)

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