July 14, 2024

A healthy lifestyle practices


You have seen and heard the term ‘A healthy lifestyle’ in various
occasions, but have you ever given it serious thought?
The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of
changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of
good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the
body.” – Harry J. Johnson

Why should we talk about a healthy lifestyle?

“If you want to be happy, look after yourself.” –  Nobody wants to live a
life that is filled with worries, anxiety, and poor health. No matter what
you are into, you will enjoy it if you are fit and feeling good. Good
health is so underrated. So, make sure to understand the risks to your
physical and mental health that are associated with some of your
lifestyle choices.

You’ve been telling yourself you want to live healthier, but you don’t
know where to start. The good news is that you don’t need to break the
bank to have a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle requires a few little changes that you build upon
daily. Sure there is a gym the instructor charges an amount of money to
get you into shape but, you can also go for a 30 minutes walk every day
to lower your stress, reduce the amount of cortisol in your blood and
lose weight. Studies have shown that being outdoors makes us happy,
smarter, cooperative, and retains our memories better.

You could also hand over some cash to a highly trained
nutritionist to put together a diet plan for you, Or could make some
simple changes like giving up one junk food for a week while
replacing it with improved choices like vegetables, fresh fruits,
nuts, sprouts, and healthy oils. If you did this every week, by the
end of a single year, you would have succeeded in transforming
your diet.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

While you think about living a healthy lifestyle by losing weight,
becoming fit, and avoiding certain lifestyle illnesses, remember
that a healthier lifestyle not only relates to your body and mind but
your budget as well.
Brian loves smoking and this became a habit when he got into
college. He met a few friends who influenced him and to stay
relevant in the group he decided to join his friends in smoke. Brian
knew that smoking was bad for him, each time he bought a new
pack he would see the reminder, SMOKERS ARE LIABLE TO
DIE YOUNG&. He wished to stop and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
After much struggle, he made up his mind to quit smoking. He
found a good reason, stayed away from the trigger, and sought a
healthy alternative.

The story about Brian briefly tells us that any changes we want in
start in our minds. You need to want the change, then
learn about the effect an unhealthy lifestyle has on you. Now
Brian has been able to shake off the habit of smoking, he doesn’t

need to spend money on cigarettes, doctor visits, and

Saves you money

A lifestyle change will help with your day-to-day savings.
Cultivating better eating habits leads to financial savings. You
could save a chunk of money if you cut out on portion sizes and
snacks. Also, preparing meals at home can keep you in shape
and help save on feeding. Walking short distances to get things
done is a sure way to save some bucks.

Lower insurance rate

There is a reason why many insurance companies offer
preventive care or fitness programs. Basically, the healthier you
are the less likely you would need their services and the less you
would need to pay out. It is for this reason that many plans inquire
about your lifestyle such as if you are a smoker; and if that’s the
case, they would have to charge you more. Paying for insurance
comes with hefty fees and premiums. If you are a healthy person,
insurance companies will often offer you lower premiums.

Lower health complications and costs.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle helps prevent several conditions and
illnesses that may result from unhealthy living such as illnesses
including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and other
life-threatening conditions. Managing these diseases comes at

a high cost which is easily remedied by eating healthy and following
a strict fitness routine.

Prioritizing health by eating a balanced diet

Being mindful of what you get when you go to a grocery store is
an important part of managing your money. Junk food might be
cheap but doesn’t do much for your overall health. Fruits and
vegetables on the other hand are much healthier despite being a
bit costly. Mind you, other healthy ingredients don’t cost much.
Cut out your sugar intake like the sweet drink, it is not only good
for your waistline but your wallet as well.

 Fewer doctor visits.

There’s nothing wrong with getting regular check-ups, especially
when you feel there is something wrong with your body but living
unhealthily leads to an increased number of doctor visits. By
living healthy, you get to minimize spending on medications and
doctors visits.

A Healthy lifestyle Tips.

  • Water Consumption
  • improve your nutrition
  • Take a good sleep
  • Exercise  Frequently
  • Personal care products

Water Consumption: Make sure you are drinking enough water every day to stay
hydrated. Water helps the skin health, energy level, and digestive
system as well. Ideally, keep a reusable bottle of water beside
you, so you can access it easily.

improve your nutrition: Practice cooking your food yourself all the time. This way you
know the ingredients that go into what you’re cooking and you eat
healthy instead of unhealthy processed foods.

Take a good sleep: You want to make money and because of this, you deprive
yourself of sleep. You can make money work for you by investing
wisely. Sleep is key to the overall health of your entire body.

Exercise  Frequently: Remember that your body loves movements, we thrive off of
movements. In the present day and age, a lot of us spend most of our
time sitting down or lying down. Exercise is really good for your
mental health, emotional well-being, heart, and bones.

Some simple stretches in the morning are really good to get your blood
going and circulating.

Personal care products: What you absorb through your skin daily can add to your toxic
load. Make some swabs over time and start with the ones you use
more often or the ones that are spread all through your body more


A healthy lifestyle is all about living with habits beneficial
for physical and mental development. No matter how hard you try,
there is always room for improvement. Remember, you are what
you eat and you become like the people you spend time with. Set
habits and wellness goals and your body will thank you for it. Do
you have a healthy lifestyle? Let me know in the comments section below!

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