July 18, 2024

Jigawa Flood: People wey kpai reach 92 as governor travel for holiday


The number of people wey don kpai because of the flood wey torrential rainfall across Jigawa State, cause don go up reach 92.

This matter don make people dey criticize the Governor of Jigawa State, Muhammad Badaru, because hin travel abroad for holiday and he no go visit the people wey the flood affect.

According to the spokesperson of the police for the state, Lawan Adam, the number of people wey kpai because of the flood between August and September don increase to 92.

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Mr Adam yarn for the reporters on Monday say most of the people wey kpai , na by drowning inside the water, thunderstorms, and by collapsed buildings.

PREMIUM TIMES bin don report how plenty buildings mostly mud houses, bridges, and roads scatter because of the flood.

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