July 18, 2024

Undersea cable cut: Banks dey reduce operations as engineers dey try restore services.


The wahala wey happun on Thursday as dem cut di undersea cable wey dey supply broadband Internet to Nigeria and oda countries for West Africa, don force plenti banks, financial institutions, telecom companies, and oda related businesses to reduce dia work. Dis don make many customers vex as dem no fit do important transactions.

However, Telecom engineers don dey go di places wey dem cut di fiber optic cables between Senegal and Cote D’Ivoire to quick-quick fix am. Dis disruption don affect many African countries, including Nigeria. And e don make banking and oda services wey rely on Internet slow down. Di Nigerian Communications Commission don confirm di disruption, talk say di undersea cable cuts affect data and voice services for di African West Coast.


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Also, MainOne, wey be one of di main Internet providers for Nigerian banks, don suffer serious fiber cut wey lead to shutdown. Banks don report say dem lose serious money sake of di disruption.

Di cut wey happun for di undersea cable on Thursday scatter Internet connectivity for Nigeria and oda West African countries. Also,  e affect banking and telecom services. Telecom engineers don move to fix di matter, but di gbege still dey, and e dey cause financial losses for banks. Also, e cause yawa for customers wey no fit do transactions.

Di Nigerian Communications Commission don confirm di disruption, talk say we need quick repair and make dem restore services sharp-sharp. MainOne, wey be big Internet provider, don suffer heavy outage, wey just make di matter worse for Nigerian banks. Despite di efforts wey dem dey make to reduce di effect, customers still dey face problem to access important services, wey dey show say di tech infrastructure for di region dey vulnerable, and we need to invest for local data centers to reduce wahala for di future.

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