April 14, 2024

To contest for presidency again go make me small – Jonathan


Former President Goodluck Jonathan yarn say hin no go ever contest for di Presidency of di country again.

He yarn say hin go dey make himself small if hin decide say hin wan start to lobby people and campaign for election again.

Jonathan yarn this matter for interview wey dem published for inside book, ‘My Time As Chaplain In Aso Rock,” e dey presented to di public on Tuesday.

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Na Nathaniel Bivan na hin write di book and di book contain di accounts of di Chaplain of di Aso Rock Villa Chapel for Jonathan administration, Obioma Onwuzurumba.

Di former president yarn say if person wake up tomorrow see say hin be president, e mean say circumstances beyond my control na hin happen. But hin no fit go pick form say hin wan start to dey lobby people and to dey run for campaigns; He make am clear say hin no fit do am again. If hin do am, hin go dey make himself small. Na wetin di former President yarn be that.

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