July 15, 2024

Voters card registration online don land.

nigerina -voters-card-online registration

Voters card dey very important, in fact na necessity for every better citizen of every country to get sake of

say na the only asset wey you get to take choose government of your choice be that.

The Economic times talk am say Voter ID card na document wey ascertains your identity as  adult

citizen of the country, e dey primarily used to cast vote for municipal, state, and general elections.

Nigerian Governnet come reason say e go make sense make Nigerians fit do thier voters card registrarion online because e go save people

time and aslo corona virus sef still dey outside and e no good make people too gum body.

chairmoo for INEC come out come talk say

“Since the resumption of voter registration on a continuous basis in 2017, the Commission has been looking at ways to make voter

registration online easier, more accessible, and user-friendly not only to the multitude of prospective registrants, but also to registered

voters who may wish to transfer their registration, have had their Permanent Voters’

Cards missing or defaced. This is one of the

Commission’s innovations to enhance voter experience by making the registration exercise faster, easier,

and less crowded than before.

Given the lingering COVID-19 situation, the new registration solution will help decongest

registration centers, reduce delays, and allow

prospective registrants to schedule appointments and monitor their applications from

the comfort of their homes.

Him come explain am proper proper the :

 Voters card registration online process

  • Phone or computer.
  • Log on to cvr.inecnigeria.org
  •  Register your details .
  • Can request to Update your Information or Transfer your Voter Registration to another Polling Unit.

like dis come be say nobody wey be Nigerian go talk say him no get chance to register, sake of say na our right to register so we go vote Government of our choice for this election wey dey come 2023.


 As you dey feel us like this i get more news updates. 

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