July 14, 2024

14 pipol don kpai and plenty pipol don woundjor, as earthquake happun for Indonesia


earthquake don happun for inside Indonesia’s main island for Java, di earthquake don kill at least fourteen pipol and he don destroy plenty plenty buildings, according to wetin Al-Jazeera report.

According to di US Geological Survey dem tok say if persin check di magnitude of di earthquake e go reach 5.6 dis gbege sele on Monday for the Cianjur region inside West Java province with a depth of 10km which is equivalent to 6.2 miles.

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Dis ugly incident don make plenty pipol wen dey live for di capital of Jakarta dey run up and down for dia dear life.

One government official from Cianjur, “Herman Suherman”, tell tori pipol say about 20 pipol don change address go even and over 300 pipol don woundjor and most of dem dey for hospital dey collect treatment.

Adam, wen bi tok tok for di local administration for Cianjur town, tok say “E dey possible say di number of pipol wen kpai and pipol wen woundjor fit rise”.

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