May 25, 2024

$4.3trillion worth of substandard goods circulated worldwide for 2021—Report

$4.3trillion-worth-of substandard-goods

OVER $4.3trillion worth of substandard products na hin circulate across di globe for 2021, di Director-General of di Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Mallam Farouk Salim na hin talk this one.

Di SON boss drop this hint for di 50th anniversary celebration for Lagos as hin dey restate di commitment to comot substandard and falsified products from the nation market place.

According to am, di fight against substandard and falsified products fit don take another turn as di implication dey estimated to $4.3trillion, dem dey lament say di overwhelming figure justifies di need for robust collaboration between SON and Industry to fight this plague.

Salim advise captains of industry make dem invest substantially in brand protection activities to safeguard their intellectual property against counterfeiters, copyright pirates and producers of substandard products.

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