April 20, 2024

Commot Subsidy Now, El- Rufai Face FG


Di Governor of Kaduna State, Mall. Nasir El-Rufai don call for di quick removal of petrol subsidy.

Hin made di call, yesterday, for di “State-of-the-State” session wey dey happen for NESG, for Abuja.

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El -Rufai talk say governors of di 36 states and federal government officials, for di National Economic Council, don agree for di removal of petrol subsidy, in September 2021.

Hin dey shock that President Muhammadu Buhari fail to implement di decision, despite for di plenti pressure di subsidy don cause on top government finances and di corruption wey dey associated with it.

Di governor add say di NEC see future that without removing di subsidy, time go come when di Nigerian National Petroleum Company go say that di nation’s entire monthly oil earnings don go.

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