July 18, 2024

Cost of living protest: Police warn against violence as Labour dey give new conditions.


The police don talk say dem no go gree any kain violence for di planned two-day demonstration wey Labour organise to protest against di suffer wey people dey suffer and di high cost of living for di kontri.

Di police warn dem on Sunday as di Nigeria Labour Congress bring new conditions ahead of di negotiation on top di minimum wage wey go start today (Monday).

Also, di police warning dey come as African Development Bank raise alarm say di increase for fuel price and oda tins fit cause katakata for Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola, and Kenya.

In addition, AfDB talk am for dia macroeconomic performance and outlook for 2024, wey dem predict say Africa economy go grow pass di 3.2 per cent wey dem record for 2023.


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But dem warn say di increase for fuel and oda tins wey dey cause high price for Nigeria, Angola, Kenya, and Ethiopia fit cause problem inside di kontri.

Di NLC and TUC bin don give two-week ultimatum to di goment make dem implement di agreements on top wetin dem go give workers to help dem reduce di suffer wey di fuel subsidy removal and oda policies don cause since October last year.

Also, union talk say dem don mobilise dia members for di nationwide protests wey dem plan for February 27 and 28.

Di Labour dey yan say millions of Nigerian workers dey suffer, dey lose power to buy tins, and dey face insecurity sake of di reforms wey don push inflation up.

Di NLC National President, Joe Ajaero, talk say di protest go start one week afta di 14-day ultimatum wey dem give di Federal Goment wey go expire on February 23.

Meanwhile, workers for different states don complain about di tough times wey dem dey face and how state goment no dey do anything to help dem manage di suffer.

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