July 18, 2024

Ramadan: Traders for Kano dey lament say sales too low.


As Ramadan don start, traders for Kano still dey complain say customers no dey patronize dem well.

Some of di traders wey yan with NAN for Sunday for Kano talk say na because customers no get money to buy na him cause am.

One foodstuff seller, Tanko Idris, talk say sales don reduce dis year compared to before.

Idris talk say even though di price of some tins, especially food, dey high during Ramadan, people still dey buy.

Anoda perishable items seller, Saminu Dauda, talk say business no dey as e dey before.

E explain say di economic wahala for di kontri join hand for di mata.

One person wey dey sell vegetable, Sani Ali, talk say di situation dey strange for am compared to wetin e dey see for di market during Ramadan.


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Ali say many customers complain say dem no get much money sake of di economy.

E still talk say di economy don affect di money wey many people get to buy tins.

One buyer, Nura Baba, talk say e vex well well because of di high price of rice, millet, flour, and sugar as di fasting time dey near.

“For example, sugar wey dey sell pass N5,500 per measure, rice wey cost pass N3,500 per measure, millet wey dey sell for N1,800 per slot, and crate of egg wey dey go for N3,300, how dem want make we chop during Ramadan?” e ask.

E beg di sellers of food for di state to reduce their price well well sake of di Holy month.

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