July 18, 2024

One persin don kpai, as yawa gas for palace on who become di next Oba for Ikirun


Di palace of di Akinrun of Ikirun on Wednesday don turn to who fit run make e run for hin dear life as di mattar of who go bi Oba “king” don scatter and turn di ancient town to battle field.

According to tori we hear say one persin wey hin name bi Lukuman Omoola don change address go heaven base on say dem shuut am fir dis same mattar of who go become di next oba “king” for Ikirun town.

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On Wednesday tori reach us say some pipol don dey try to smuggle di new Akinrun of Ikirun, way hin name bi Oba Olalekan Akadiri enrer di palace.

Di late king way we hear say na one of di descendant of di Gboleru Ruling Household, also join dey fight to fill di royal throne before dey con pass am to di Obaara Ruling House due to di ruling of di High Court for Osun.

Di Ikirun obaship fight wen dey scatter everywhere according to tori we hear say di court don renew am after di Osun State Government appoint Prince Yinusa Olalekan Akadiri as di Akinrun of Ikirun and after dem appoint di new king,hin con park pipol  follow bodi enter town so dat hin go fit gain access to di palace.

Akadiri wen dey appointment as di Akinrun of Ikirun bi di Osun State Government,majority of di town pipol,chiefs and di head of kingmaker, no support am at all.

Dem no even allow ram get access into di palace since di second day of hin announcement as di new Oba “king” way di state government present di staff of office to for di State Government Secretariat.

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