June 25, 2024

Papa Break 8 weeks Pikin hand, say the baby no gree am sleep


Nah true say people dey talk say” wonder shall never end” but e be like say the last one don happen for Imo state… as Papa break pikin wey be 8 weeks old hand say the pikin no gree am sleep for night.

The Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), Imo State Chapter and National Human Right Commission (NHRC) don cry out for help to the Imo State Government and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) to immediately arrest one-man wey him name be Mr Confidence Amatobi, on say them hear say he break him pikin hand.

For inside wetin people dey talk, we hear say the man vex kon handle the baby anyhow on top say the baby dey disturb hin sleep, this kon made the baby get fracture for hand. Last last Doctors don cut the baby hand komot.

According to the Imo State Chairperson of NAWOJ, Dr Dorothy Nnaji wey follow newsmen talk for Owerri after she take her eye go see the baby for Federal Medical hospital, Mrs Nnaji dey shock say a father go fit do that kind thing for an innocent child.

The full tori tanda berekete inisde tribune online





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