July 15, 2024

Portable tell EFCC say no be all youth dey do yahoo.


Nigerian musician Portable don sound warning to di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) say make dem stop to dey target innocent youths sake of how dem dey make money.

Di musician, wey sabi for hin outspoken nature, during one interview for Assorted Podcast yan EFCC make dem no dey try intimidate and catch innocent youths and residents under di excuse say dem dey fight cybercrime.

Portable emphasize di misunderstandings wey dey around di youth population, especially how some of dem dey do fraud wey dem dey call Yahoo Yahoo for Nigeria.

Di artist make am clear say no be all di young people wey dey find better living dey involve for cybercrime, warn say make dem no just assume say every successful youth na Yahoo boy.


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According to di artist, plenti young people dey hustle honestly and dey find better ways to survive through legal means.

Portable express im dissatisfaction with how law enforcement agencies dey target young Nigerians without discrimination, dey beg EFCC make dem use sense and wisdom for their work instead of just dey see every young person as criminal.

Im yarn say make dem stop to dey target innocent people just sake of dem dey young or dem get money, say make dem find di real criminals instead.

Portable, wey dey popular for hin music and hin boldness for talk, believe say law enforcement agencies need to dey more careful and focus on di real issues wey dey ground, instead of harassing innocent youths.

You fit go read di tori see as Portable sound warning to (EFCC)..READ MORE