June 25, 2024

Trump don sues CNN $475 million for defamation


Former United States President, Donald Trump, don carry Cable News Network go court on Monday, on to say the television station dey use the large view wey dem get in the wrong way. Trump sue the CNN $475 million in punitive damages on top defamation of character.

The case wey him file for US District Court in Florida, accused the CNN of waging a campaign of “libel and slander” against him, thinking say him go contest for presidential election for 2024.

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According to Trumps lawyer, CNN dey use its massive influence and readers – because people think say CNN is a ‘trusted’ news source – to defame the plaintiff in the minds their plenti followers and readers all for political gain…,” all na wetin Trump’s lawyers’ yarn for 29-page complaint.

Trump too don yarn say, for the following weeks, his lawyer go file lawsuits against many Fake News Media Companies for their lies, defamation, and wrongdoing,”.

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