December 5, 2023

WHO don release $16m to tackle cholera


Di World Health Organisation WHO don release 16 million dollars from di WHO Contingency Fund for Emergencies to tackle cholera.

Na di Director-General of WHO, Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus na hin tok dis one during online news conference.

Ghebreyesus yarn say di organisation dey provide necessary supplies, with partners, supporting kontries to detect, prevent and treat cholera, and to tell pipo how dem go protect dia sef

Hin tok say to support dis work, dem don appeal for 160 million dollars, and dem don released more than 16 million dollars from di WHO Contingency Fund for Emergencies.

However, hin tok say di real solution to cholera na for dem to make sure say pipo get access to safe water and sanitation, and dat one na internationally recognized human right.


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According to wetin hin tok, for di previous week, WHO bin publish new data wey show say di cases wey dem report in 2022 dey more than double to di one wey dem report for 2021.

Also, hin tok say di data for 2023 suggest say di data fit worse pass as e dey now.

According to wetin hin tok, di worst affected countries and communities dey poor, without access to safe drinking water or toilets.

Also, hin tok say dem dey face shortages of oral cholera vaccine and other supplies, as well as overstretched health workers, wey dey deal with plenty disease outbreaks and other health emergencies.

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