June 17, 2024

266 Nigeria Japa doctors collect license in UK just in two


No be person go tell blind man say rain dey fall as we know need anybody tell us say there is fire on the mountain for this country call Naija. As we dey see say many Nigeria-trained doctors dey japa komot for naija everyday over bad medical system, fear of who go dey treat patients for hospital go soon enter another level. Just for June and July alone, Uk General Medical Council GMC don licences over 266 Nigeria doctors. He go shock you say, this doctors no school for obodo oyinbo, nah the ones wey vex komot for Naija travel go Uk be that. One journalist for UK wey dey monitor GMC register talk say, him notice say the Nigeria-trained doctors in the UK Currently stands at 9,976. The full tori tanda full grand for inside punch…sharper press the read more button make you digest am READ MORE

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