May 26, 2024

Americans go pay for COVID-19 vaccine, treatments.


Americans go need to pay for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments as soon as January 2023, as U.S. Congress money don almost finish The Washington Post don report.u

Di Department of Health and Human Services bin announce say dem go dey sell di COVID-19 vaccines.  Di government no go distribute am for free again.

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Di report say,by January 2023, Americans go need to pay money buy dia vaccine for dia sef.

Once dia federal government stop to dey buy di vaccines, up to eight per cent of the U.S. population wey no get health insurance go dey worst. Na part of di report be that.

Di report follow tok say even di people wey get health insurance go need to dey pay from dia pocket and e go be problem because di cost of living dey increase for di United States.

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