July 18, 2024

AY don tok say people need to patiently and respectfully care of dia old Mama and Papa.


Ayo Makun aka AY  don share video for TikTok of one Asian family wey  consist of  grandmama, her daughter and grandson.

As dem wan eat, the old grandma plate comot for her hand fall down, na so all di thing wey dey inside pour for ground, di plate sef break.

Di thing make di daughter vex, and she bin dey kitchen dey prepare food for her pikin.  She vex so tey she kon dey tok anyhow to the grandma. AY don tok say people need to patiently and respectfully care for dia Mama and Papa wey don old.dey tok anyhow.

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As everything happen like that, di young boy waka go comot all di money wey hin save for hin pig vest. E comot di money rush go outside go buy two aluminum bowls, one for hin grandma and the other for his mama.

He explain say hin buy two bowl so that hin grandma no go break plate when she dey eat again, wey go make hin mama dey vex.

Na hin di boy mama kon ask her pikin say why hin buy plate for her? Di boy  kon answer say hin buy di plate for hin mama so that when she don old and she break plate, hin own wife no no vex for am and she no go dey shout for am too.
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