May 25, 2024

Banks customers dey beg for extension of di time to return old notes


Di Bank Customers Association of Nigeria, BCAN, dey beg  Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, so that dem go extend di deadline for returning of di old notes, as di nation dey ready for di introduction of new Naira notes and to comot di old ones.

Di President of BCAN, Dr. Uju Ogubunka yarn say redesigning Naira, from time to time, and as di need dey arise, na di responsibility and e dey within di powers of di CBN.

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Hin still talk say e good as CBN wan redesign naira note and e dey supported by facts wey everybody know. So, them wey dey for BCAN, dem no get any problem with di intention/plan of CBN. Di only thing wey dem want na make di exercise no kon dey inconvenient di banking public and di generality of Nigerians. BCAN members go cooperate, but make CBN reconsider di timeframe for the exercise so that things go work as dem expect.

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