April 21, 2024

BREAKING: Unknown gunmen kill three policemen for Enugu.


Some unknownn gunmen attack on Wednesday and the matter wey we hear be say dem kill three policeman.

Na for Enugu State this one happen..

Dem tok say the  thing happen for Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu North Local Government Area of the State.

YOU FIT LIKE READ: Police officers don go protest as dem no pay dem salary.

One source don give small information say di gunmen drive come for inside one Sienna car, dem overtake the hilux van wey di policemen bin dey drive. Na so dem start to shoot gun for where di policemen dey.

Three of the officers die fo that place like that. Na di report wey dey so.

The Enugu State Police Command never tok anything about the matter. More tori go soon come out, we go dey wait for now.

You fit CLICK HERE go read di tori.

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