June 25, 2024

Police officers don go protest as dem no pay dem salary.


Dem don go protest as dem no gree  pay dia salary. For this matter wey we dey see so, di protesters tok say another man don kolombi dia wife because dem no fit provide for dia family.

Na peaceful protest d police for  Osun State start on Wednesday because dem never pay dem salary for of 18 months.

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Dey gather dia self for  Oke-Fia roundabout kon emter Alekunwodo to Olaiya area of Osogbo, the capital of Osun State.

All of dem wear dia police uniform comot go di protest, dem kon carry something wey dem write “Pay us now,” “We dey die,” We never chop,” “18 months no kobo,” “Okada riders dey sleep with our wives”.

Dey tok say dem don give dia work all di time wey dem get  even as dey never collect money.

Tijani Adewale, one of the policeman wey no happy tok say hin three colleagues don die because of di work wey dem dey do.

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