April 14, 2024

Money ritual still dey town, make una stop to dey run after man money. – Actress Sonia


Actress Sonia Ogiri don talk as the matter take worry her to dey see young girls wey wan dey make money from man. Money ritual don too plenty for town o.

We don hear different tori about how some pipu dey use girls for money ritual nowadays. Ogiri talk as e take dey shock her. She dey wonder why young girls never wan learn from all the things wey don dey happen. Dem still dey get mind waka go meet man wey dem just only meet for social media because of money.

She follow put mouth for the news of the young girl wey dey report say dem see for inside bush for Edo state. wetin we wan think for dat matter, shey no bi money ritual dem don use the girl for?  Na man dem talk say the girl go meet o.

Rush CLICK HERE go read the full tori.

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