July 18, 2024

Netflix series- Alchemy of Souls(Kdrama)


After one week break, this Netflix series, Alchemy of Souls don come back with two long chapters wey don switch narrative again. No be only that one, they don put more sweet sweet things wey go make viewer dey beg for more.

Next Sunday finale fit come with plenty interesting scenes as usual, make una get ready.

Rundown of wetin dey happen.

  • Jang UK and some other people dey trapped inside the barrier wey the ice stone create. Dem need to comot before kasala burst.
  • Master Kang don come back, he dey kakaraka and he don continue as soul shifter.
  • Naksu don get her power back.
  • E be like say Jang UK and Mudeok dey don ready to start their love story.
  • Jang Gang sef don come back.
  • Dem go soon catch So-I.


The release date of this Kdrama Netflix Series, Alchemy of Souls go be on August 27, 2022. Dem talk say e go be the same time, 3:00 pm (BST). 

Viewers fit watch the Alchemy of Souls episodes 19 and 20 for Netflix for the time wey dem don mention so.

Na small recap of wetin happen for the end of episode 18 be this. The girl notice blood for ground, e kon make her think say her student don die. Before she start to cry, she vex use her power kill the soul shifter wey turn to monster. As the monster die, she kon dey sad again as she remember say Jang UK don die. The sadness comot as she see the person waka come where she dey. He ask her why she no let am know say her power don come back, and wetin be her decision  now wey she don comot her sword because of the promise wey them bin make.

E neva finish o, To find out more about this tori, CLICK HERE.


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