May 25, 2024

Family planning go prevent security dangers— CGE Africa


Dem don dey tell Naija men make dem dey do family planning to take prevent unwanted pregnancy.

The thing wey make dem dey tok am na because dem dey try get peaceful community and to prevent security dangers for the country.

For the one day workshop wey Center for Gender Economics Organise, CGE Africa, and supported by Pathfinder International, Awareness Workshop on Family Planning/Contraception Methods for Men, bin dey discussed as the organisation insist say, if we need environment wey secure, men need to support dia wives on birth control methodology.

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Representing the Coordinator, CGE Africa, Uchenna Idoko, Akinloye Gbemisola announce say some men of Igbokusu community dey trained to know the importance of family planning because e relate to the country economic reality. “Men need to understand say dem no fit born plenty children wey dem no go fit take care of, therefore, they must be follow join do birth control methodology, no be woman go dey do am. . Nigerian men must know how to support their wives wen e reach family planning matter.

“The community discussion bin start for July and dia research reveal plenty understanding regarding family planning. The examination between July 16 and August 27, 2022 show say men wey dey that community dey aware of their responsibility.

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