July 18, 2024

Marriage matters: Why today’s couples need to dey gingered to try marriage!


Why today’s couples need to dey gingered to try marriage!

Everybody know say plenty couples dey live together and dem never marry.  Instead, they stay for wetin dem dey call partnership and before we know wetin dey happen, dem go comot go their separate ways.

The name wey call these kain couples na Rainbow families. Dem consist of mama, and children wey come from different papa. Even the word: husband and wife; don dey comot for English small small. Na ‘partner’ nowadays people don dey use. Na any couple fit use the word, even husband and wife.

If people live together, kon get children together but never marry, shey no be the same thing as marriage?


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According to the number of a group of academics and policy makers all around the world wey dey plenty like this, dem need to strong mouth for the slogan – Marriage Matters. Some of the home truths wey these professional wan spread be say, children wey dem bring up for two-parent homes get better chance to do well for school, comot for trouble with law and graduate to better life.

But the truth still be say, as plenty single mama dey try well well and e no change the fact say two parents still better pass one.


Wetin you go do when you enter relationship wey go lead to marriage, only to kon find out later say, the man wey you wan marry be nothing but womanizer?


That time, I be qualified dentist wey everybody dey bow for when I meet Henry. We court for two years and we no talk anything marriage.

“When I find out say I don get belle, e no disturb me at al. I get better work, Henry sef get better work.

The thing wey we just need to do, na to plan our wedding before I go born my pikin.

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