June 19, 2024

Fisherman safe 24 people for plane wey crash, now millionaire


One Fisherman for Tanzania don get plenty reward for the way he take save 20 Passengers out 43 wey dey on board for the plane wey crash land inside one lake for Tanzania

The young boy wey dey one River called Lake Victoria for Tanzanian dey work as fisherman, just see say one plane just crash land inside the lake where him dey work.

The young man no waste time at all, him and two other fishermen rush go where the plane crash but na the boy enter water find how him go fit safe people wey dey on board. According to the report we gather, the young man rescue 20 passenger komot inside the plane wey crash.

Many people for internet don praise the boy for him bravery, to do the work wey Navy or Fire brigade people suppose do.

Tanzania govt too don join voice praise the boy say..him do well. Them no just talk for mouth, the young man don get appointment from the Tanzania President to start work with the firefighting rescue brigade. He also 1 million Tanzanian Shilling ($430) for the effort to save lives

The full tori dey here  I dey here

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