July 18, 2024

Oil Theft: How security operatives, govt officials dey run bunkering cartel


“This matter of oil theft wey we dey see so get as e dey do person for body. As dem take talk am for official reports, e be like say oil thieves don dey gain ground as dem take get mind to thief up to 400,000 barrels of crude oil every day. The daily amount don reach $40m

Dem talk say, dem no go arrest the big-time oil thieves for under the current set up because the people wey dey in-charge of security wey no dey do well at all.

Some powerful Nigerians and foreigners, including top military operators, government officials, highly-placed and retired oil industry personnel, politicians and businesspersons be the big-time oil thieves and financiers of oil bunkering committee, wey for over the years don too suck life comot for the country economy.


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Dia oil bunkering cartel wey dey work with insiders dey thief crude directly from major crude oil pipelines for Niger Delta, for the side, na officials pump crude go the different Terminals. Dem know the time and period wey dem dey do the pumping with the main pipelines.

The kata kata wey the oil theft cause for the small-time oil bunkers for Rivers, Delta, Bayelsa and other states, wey use bad means refine crude oil for the Niger-Delta region na small thing unlike the big kata kata wey the connected cartel wey get giant vessels and equipment use scatter the economy.

Local thieves dey wey fit also dey pump am from major pipelines, kon later sell am for the big players, wey dey use big tubes and people wey sabi well to take drain off crude oil.

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