May 29, 2024

I no happy at all, na just 2 years remain before I die – Yahoo boy


E get video wey dey make rounds for social media, di video reveal di moment wey one young man wey dem talk say be  Yahoo boy, express unhappiness as hin get only few years to live for earth.

Di fresh looking middle aged guy wey dey identified as @guccilord26 for video sharing App, TikTok yarn say hin get only two years to live for earth.

Di young looking guy wey dey accompanied with luxuries for hin neck and wrist yarn say he dey always feel sad anytime wey hin remember say hin go die young.

We know say, Internet fraudsters, most especially Yahoo Yahoo wey dey do ritual killings don dey trend for di conversations for Nigeria. Yahoo boy go kill innocent people, and dem dey defraud pipo of their hard-earned money, dem go kon dey think say na di blood of di victims na hin bring di cash. Plenty pipo believe say na poverty and lust for extravagant life na hin increase Yahoo Yahoo among di youths.

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