June 17, 2024

Lagos-Abeokuta road for Sango-Ota, tollgate, collapse


Lagos Abeokuta road for Sango-Ota area no be where you fit carry motor pass as the road too bad, even for person wey dey waka with leg.. According to Punch reporter wey go the area this morning, the condition wey the road dey no good for those wey dey leave for the area and those wey they do business join.

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Especially, the three-kilometre part wey dey Joju, immediately after the Sango-Ota Bridge as if say person dey go Ifo, you no go believe say nah Federal government road that as road user don even abandon that side of the road because of big potholes wey be like swimming pool

Another one wey be like that dey after Alakuko toward Tollgate…. that road too no be where even big trucks no fit pass, as motorist dey enter opposite lane to connect to Sango-Ota.

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