June 25, 2024

Lagos State: If your house dey near water, no sleep close eyes


Lagos State Government yesterday don komot to warn Lagosian, especially dos wey there house dey where water pass say make dem no sleep close eye. Those wey the matter really concerns pass na those wey dey live near Ogun River bank.

According the statement wey the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello carry come out, he yarn say October nah the peak period wey fit waka with flood especially for area wey near where Ogun River pass.

Bello talk say from wetin Nigerian Metrological Services (NIMET) don talk for January, the month wey water dey disturb pass nah October. If dem kom release water from Oyan Dam, the water level for this area where Lagoons pass go increase.

The commissioner added that identified areas such as Ketu, Alapere, Agric, Owode onirin, Ajegunle, Alagbole, Kara, Isheri olowora, Araromi Otun orisha community, Agiliti, Maidan, Mile 12, Odo ogun, Owode elede, Agboyi 1, Agboyi II and Agboyi III must dey ready to relocate if the water pass becareful.

He add join am say, dem dey work hand in hand with Ogun Oshun River Basin Development Authority to make sure say water wey dem go release no go cause too much wahala for the state.


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