June 25, 2024

Na wetin you fit know about the stabbing for Canada be dis.


Police for western Canada tok saY two men just start to dey stab stab people and that kain crime na one of di deadliest act of violence to hit the country.

Na di break down of the report of wetin happen fduring di attack on Sunday be ths.

– Wetin happen? –

The stabbing start early on Sunday for 13 separate locations inside di remote Indigenous community of James Smith Cree Nation and the nearby town of Weldon for Canada Saskatchewan province.Dem tok say 10 people die and 18 wound.

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– Who dey behind the attack? –

Police identified the suspects as Myles Sanderson, aged 30, and Damien Sanderson, 31. Dem see di body of person wey die on Monday near one house wey di authorities don dey examine for di community.

The body get wound wey person fit see, and dem see say no be di person wound himself. Na di federal police Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore na hin tok this one.

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