June 17, 2024

Nigeria get enough resources to pay for hin debt — Awosika


Di Chairmo of Access Bank Plc, Mrs. Dere Awosika, tok say Nigeria fit pay up dier debt with di resources wen God bless dem with only if dem fit manage am well

She bi yarn dis one for di 22nd edition of NECCI Public Relations round-table for Lagos, she tok say Nigeria can fit generate enough money from dis natural resource to fund dier budget and pay all di debt wen dem owe

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Awosika tok say“It is high time we sat down to reflect on our journey so far. Fill the loopholes with acts of good governance and stand against all things that are contrary to our culture and value and forge ahead for a better Nigeria and better Africa.”

She tok say we need to change dat mentality say Nigeria na bad country with bad pipol and for dis kind thing to happun,we meed to build a resilient system that is transparent and productive.” for di whole wrold to see.

Di Convener of the NECCI Round-table, Mrs Nkechi Ali-Balogun,aslo chook mouth for di matter say di narrative of Africa is poor, corrupt and war continent, don limit her success globally.
Therefore “Africa as the next global frontier we needs to show di whole world say na we be oga by telling our own story bi ourselves.

“Africa no dey one accord to di extent say we no possess di power in believing in ourmselves, people wen ssuppose dey look toward us for survival,Na we con dey run go meet dem for survival”

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