July 18, 2024

NLC members don set for national protests.


Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and oda related unions don dey gear up for di planned protests wey dem declare sake of di high cost of living, inflation, insecurity, and hardship wey dey di kontri.

Also, reporters wey land for Labour House headquarters for Abuja by 7:12 a.m. see different union workers. In addition, oda vexed Nigerians dey troop enter di Labour House.

DSS operatives dey on ground too.

Also, NLC and Trade Union Congress bin issue nationwide strike notice give di Federal Government on February 8 sake of say dem no fulfill di agreements wey dem reach on October 2 afta dem remove fuel subsidy.


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If di Federal Government no fulfill wetin dem promise afta di ultimatum wey Labour give, dem go carry out two-day nationwide protest, wey don set for today (Tuesday), February 27, and tomorrow, February 28.

Labour bin start to mobilize dia members last Monday for di nationwide protests sake of di high cost of living for di kontri.

Dis planned protest don attract attention from different quarters as Nigerians dey express dia grievances against di tough economic conditions wey dem dey face.

Many Nigerians don dey call on di government to address di issues wey dey affect di common man, like di high cost of food items, fuel price increase, and di general cost of living wey don skyrocket.

As di tension dey rise, stakeholders dey watch to see wetin go happen next as di labour unions dey set to make dia voices heard for di streets.

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