June 25, 2024

North no fit dictate for us on who go become di next Nigerian President – Afenifere


Di leader of di Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, don tok say di North no fit dictate for Nigerians who become di next president of di countri.

Adebanjo yarn dis one on Monday during one public lecture themed, ‘Nationalism and nation-building in Nigerian history,’ dis event take place for Nigerian Institute of International Affairs for Victoria Island, Lagos.

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Hin tok say “ him hear say South-East must negotiate with North becos politics na game of numbers.hin con tell pipol yesterday say,why di pipol of East go dey beg for favour from di pipol of north.

Adebanjo tok say na di right of Nigerian citizen to determine dia president.no bi say some pipol go dey tok say without dem one particular pipol no fit win election any time wen hin hear dat thing bodi no dey sweet am at all.

Pipol go tok say North get population, which yeye population, dat population of north na fraudulent population.

Hin tok say north pipok go tell us to work together but becos dey don produce president wen dey run di affairs of di countri, seh na dat one con give dem di audacity to say ‘no one fit become president except through di North.seh dem bi JESUS to GOD.

Which right North pipol get to dictate who go become our president? We bin dey together not bi peace, not bi agreement, but becos dem force us together and we agreed, na di reason why we continue to dey live together as one.

Di pipol of east get di right to produce President no bi becose say dem bi Igbo but becos we all are one Nigeria.

Afenifere no dey sentimental or bias we dey straight forward for everything wen we dey do

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