April 14, 2024

Troops kill 9 bandits, rescue women, children inside Kaduna state


Di Nigerian military during one fight wey dem encounter with bandit, dem Kill 9 of those bandits and dem rescue over 12 women and children inside Kaduna communities

Base on dis development, di Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs for Kaduna State, Samuel Aruwan, tok say “troops and Special Forces of di Nigerian Army let those bandit know say akara and moimoi no bi disame thing bi killing nine of those bandits during one face to face battle for some locations inside Giwa LGA.

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According to report di Kaduna State Government tok say di troops clear one bandit camp for one river line area like dat around Rafin Sarki and kill like five bandits inside dat vicinity, while others runaway for dia dear life.

Aruwan tok say for anoda one on one encounter with bandits, di troops and Special Forces clear anoda hideout around Galadimawa forest, where dem kill anoda four bandits.

According to tori more dan one dozen of women and children wey those bandits kidnapped were rescued by di troops.

In di process of clearing di camp of di bandit di combat officers and dia men recovere up to five locally made guns, five rounds of ammunition, four cartridges, one radio and charger, and one military issue jungle hat.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai don praise di consistent efforts of di officers and dia men, and further thank dem for di successful rescue of di victims.

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