June 17, 2024

Turkish crypto boss, Faruk Fatih Ozer sentenced to 11,196 years in jail


Di Anadolu state news agency report on Friday yarn say di Turkish crypto founder wey fly go Albania and hin two brothers dey sentenced to 11,196 years in jail each.

Prosecutors bin ask say make di Thodex boss Faruk Fatih Ozer, 29, dey sentenced to 40,562 years in prison for money laundering, fraud and establishing a criminal organisation.

However, according to Turkish media reports, di two brothers, Serap and Guven, receive di same sentence, wey bin dey issued late Thursday after brief trial.

Turkey na place wey dey known for giving pipo massive prison sentences, wey turn turn to common thing after dem abolished death penalty in 2004 to help dia efforts to join di European Union.


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Also, report bin first tok say Ozer fly go Turkey in April 2021 with $2 billion in investor assets, although dat figure neva dey confirmed.

Prosecutors yarn say Ozer bin transfer 250 million liras in user assets (worth about $30 million at the time) to three secret accounts when he fly go Turkey in April 2021, with plenty of di money wey end up inside Malta bank.

Di charge yarn say Ozer brothers cause 356 million liras of damage to clients in all.

Also, di case grab local headlines because e happen di same time with Turkish crypto boom wey don subside due to heavy government regulation.

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