June 16, 2024

Just IN: Gabon president call for help after dem put am under house arrest


Hours after members of di presidential guard place di president under house arrest because of di ongoing coup attempt on Wednesday, di president of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, wey dem unseat don dey call for help.

Also, Ali Bongo encourage di Gabonese pipo say make  dem “make noise” as hin confirm hin arrest inside video wey dey share on social media and Al Jazeera follow confirm di tori.

According to di reported, pipo bin dey wave flags, dey celebrate for di streets of Libreville, di capital of Gabon, according to Al Jazeera correspondents for Dakar.

Also, di officers wey plan di coup claim say dem dey speak for all di kontri security and military personnel on state-run television station Gabon 24.


FOR MORE NEWS: Gunfire for Gabon as soldiers seize power, cancel election result


Di soldiers claim say dem don nullify election results from di previous day, wey President Ali Bongo bin dey declared di victor.

Also, di soldiers identify themselves as members of di Committee of Transition and Restoration of Institutions, saying. On top dat one, dem yarn say dem don decide to defend peace by overthrowing di regime in power.

According to di electoral commission, Albert Ondo Ossa, Bongo’s main rival, finish second with 30.77 percent of di vote. Ondo Ossa deny allegations of electoral fraud by Bongo team

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