April 21, 2024

Unemployment Mattar, Make una stop certificate discrimination – ITF DG clear FG


Di Director-General of the Industrial Training Fund, ITF, Sir Joseph Ari don come out tok say di countri need to stop di discrimination of certificates between general education and Technical and Vocational Education and Training, TVET To tackle di rising level of unemployment for dis countri,

Hin tok say him dey beg agencies of di government for di area of human capacity building to make sure say dem monitor and regulate di informal sectors wen dey produce artisans to reduce di quack artisan, in order to make di system work.

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While hin dey deliver hin paper titled, “Technical Education and National Development in Nigeria: Leveraging Human Capital Development for Technological Resilience,” for National War College Abuja, Ari tok say dis paper wen hin present na to call for urgent need to strengthen collaboration beetwin technical institutions and industries, to make ensure say di skills wen many popol acquire go fit meet our labour market demand.

According to wetin di ITF Director of Public Affairs, Suleyol Chagu tok, Ari don assure am say with di support of institution like National Apprenticeship Training System (NATS), di ITF go enhance di capacity of artisans, craftsmen and technicians wen go con provide employment for Nigerians with relevant skills and competence way go grow di economy.

Ari tok say make di government establish di Teachers Industrial Work Experience Scheme (TIWES) and at di same time make government adopt some measures way go support human capacity development through di engaging of experts and empower dem bi research.

Stakeholders wen dey in control of Technical Education and National development must make sure say dem develop beta operational policy wen go drive human resource development.

Sir Joseph tok say di reason why hin dey stress on di matter bi say the Industrial Training Fund don readi to promote, encourage and provide skilled manpower to meet di needs of both private and public sectors of di economy.

Hin tok say hin dey hear pipol dey tok say make ITF develop di entrepreneurship curriculum of tertiary institutions,hin tok say no bi dia job to do dat kind thing oo,hin say na Regulatory body na hin go fit do am no bi dem.

Hin con tok say “ Di sooner di Agencies of Government involve dia self for human capacity development and find beta way of working together, di easier for us to arrive at di solutions to unemployment for di countri bi using di TVET template.

Sir Joseph con tok say hin dey beg all di stakeholders for TVET to collaborate with ITF to move di countri forward.

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