April 14, 2024

APC send staff on leave as Tinubu visit ‘Buhari House’


All Progressives Congress APC don send plenty of dia staff go one-day leave as Tinubu go visit Buhari House.

This one na part of measures to take free ‘Buhari House’ national secretariat of the party as dem dey prepare for di maiden visit of the presidential candidate of the party.

Dem tok say hin suppose to don visit Buhari House to meet di party before but dem postpone am. But now, e be like say dem don confirm say e go visit di party on Wednesday.

Di Correspondent bin see one mem and di date na 6th September 2022 from the Director, Administration.

Di letter na for all di Staff, and di title na  “Notification of One Day Off Duty”.

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Dem write; “With reference to the above subject matter, all staff is hereby directed to go on one day off duty tomorrow 7th September 2022.

According to dem, di order dey very necessary for crowd control for di visit of di Presidential Candidate of di party.

But he kon list di category of staff wey go dey on duty to render service for di day.

Di information wey dem gather, be say di departmental directors, security personnel and some other senior staffs go dey.

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