April 20, 2024

ASUU Strike: E dey pain me as tertiary education system dey stop anyhow – Buhari


About the security situation for country, the President Mr. Buhari say hin share the pains wey Nigerians dey go through and he assure Nigerians say dia endurance and patience no go dey in vain and dem go find way tackle all the kind of security challenges wey dey.”

As 2023 general elections dey come, hin tell Fellow Nigerians say no matter the gains wey we make, if  better governance system on electing credible leaders on the basis of free, fair, credible and transparent elections no dey, our efforts no go dey enough.

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Mr. Buhari talk say na why hin resolved to endow sustainable democratic culture wey go last. The signing of the Electoral Act 2021 wey dem do with landmark provisions go still give us assurance say transparent and inclusive Electoral Process na hin we go experience.

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