April 19, 2024

Carry sick people go hospital, no tie dem for church


The Akwa Ibom State government and a USAID-funded project in the state, Breakthrough Action-Nigeria, don urge religious leaders wey dey the state say mak dem they refer people way sick go hospital, no kolobi dem for church unto say una wan pray for them.

The Commissioner of Health, Prof Augustine Umoh and BA-N Program Officer, Dr Lucy Bernard, yarn this matter in their different talk talk on Monday, as them dey two-days training for the state.

Nah state government join hand with BA-N for religious leaders on priority practice behaviors in malaria, tuberculosis and COVID-19, carry the matter come out inside the training wey dem hold in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Prof Umoh wey yarn the matter talk say, this matter nah serious matter for thwe state and in the whole country, especially as the way people dey pai on top shinkini matter wey suppose no claim life, come dey kill people anyhow.READ MORE


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