June 17, 2024

Elon musk;I owe you two bottle of cold bear,says Trump


Di former president of United state Donald Trump, on Friday don congratulate billionaire tech Elon Musk,base on say him don finally buy Twitter.

Di world richest man Elon don finally turn di owner of Twitter after a months of kurukere waka of negotiation to buy Twitter.

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Trump tok say “E sweet me for bodi wen i hear say Twitter don dey for Elon Musk hand hin don even call my wife to prepare egusi soup.Fufu and join am with one cold bottle of bear becos dis calls for celebration.

Hin tok say atleast he don comot for di hands of dat Radical Left Lunatics and Maniacs man wen hate dia country.

Elon Musk self don promise Trump say him go lift Trump Twitter ban.so dat hin self go fit dey updated on wetin dey sele for di world.

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