June 25, 2024

Final year student don commits suicide for Gombe because hin dey dey broke upon say hin get rich papa


Final-year student of di Federal University of Kashere (FUK), Gombe State, wey dey identified as Nalkur Zwalnan Lar, don commit suicide.

Zwalnan Lar, a faculty of education student for di institution, na hin dem report say hin end hin life because hin dey broke upon say hin papa get money.

Some information reveal say hin bin don take poison, but di poison bin no give am it fast result, na so hin kon go hang himself for tree.

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Lar leave suicide note , for the note, hin thank hin elder brothers for “everything wey dem don do for am” and advise hin mama, wey hin describe  as “the best mother on earth,” say make she “take am easy with herself.”

He mention di names of people wey hin dey owe money and hin put details of how dem go get their money back.

Di incident happen on Wednesday night, November 24, for Santuraki area of Kashere town, Gombe.

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