May 29, 2024

Fuel scarcity hold Lagos, Ogun, Abuja tight for leg


As the year 2022 don dey carry hin load go small small, nah big surprise e be for many Nigerians to see say queue for petrol show face again for filling station across Naija. For many Nigerians, e no make sense at all, especially with the kind bad economic situation wey country don already dey before.

As at Tuesday morning, queue for petrol show don face well well for Lagos, Ogun, Abuja, motorist dey plenty for different filling station dey find how to get fuel.

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Some don turn the scarcity to opportunity to take make money as people begin dey sell black market for N300-N400 for road.

Filling stations too no carry last as dem too don jack up price of a litre of petrol to N200/litre against N180-N185 wey be the normal pump price.

At least some filling station dey manage sell, some don lock up shop, thinking say the price go still go up past N200 per litre so as to make more profit, Although dem dey claim say nah fuel finish, say dem go soon get supply but we our people.

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